Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sharing My Coke

Been out on a hunting trip for a while now  and I have caught a new game thus Windows Phone Development. I was just wondering why  it was hard to find a developer interested in developing windows phone apps. So I took a tour in to that forest and guess what I was amazed by  the prospects and ease of the platform. The use of the c# language got me fascinated as I got to the ways of this  I would say well-crafted language. Don’t get it twisted coming from a Java background  had some bad prejudice about the .NET platform and C# in general but a sorry to say “I had to eat humble Pie” I got blown away .At least the type inference handling really got me impressed since it is not a “First Class citizen in Java. I still love java but I give credit where it is due at least they just released the use of lambda expressions in Java 8 and that’s cool just that it has been in C# for like "100yrs"  you get me now. No pun intended  Java is still my first love I still like using jsp and jsf for my web applications and hanging out with android once in a while but the ease of the .NET windows phone framework  seems to make the whole android thing look complex for nothing (that’s an argument for another day  my android gurus around) .

So I decided to build a few apps and one of them is “Share ACoke Unofficial App”. Guess you heard of that promo which was done by coke some time back. As usual  it got an app on the  Play Store and I also wanted to share a coke with my friend’s name on it using my Nokia Lumia  checked the windows phone store for about a month could not get one to download  so it dawned on me to build my mine after what use am I for being a software developer and not build apps I will use myself. I decided to put it on the store after I was done and using it  I was amazed by the amount of downloads  and reviews I got in a week of deploying the app to the  windows phone app store…hehehhehe so other people also had the same problem.
I called it “Share A Coke Unofficial” with the cool Windows Phone Dev tools and Visual Studio .
These are some of the  screenshots